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Helene Aecherli

About me

I am a Swiss-Swedish journalist and editor with an in-depth expertise in socio-political developments in countries of the Middle East. After my studies of English language and literature as well as Scandinavian languages and literatures at the University of Zurich and in the United States, I started my journalistic career at a local newspaper and then soon moved on to national weekly papers and magazines.

So far, my work as taken me - among others - to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, the Gulf States, Afghanistan and to Yemen. But I have also sat with female whalers in Utqavik, northern Alaska, have been to the US Naval Station Guantanamo, researched the sex purchase ban in Sweden and dived into issues of equality and diversity policies in Switzerland. Regardless of the subject or the geographic location I am at, I strongly aim at seeing the bigger picture while getting in depth of the details - and meet people at eye level. Always.

My portfolio includes:


I lead panel discussions - live or as hybrid events - in German and English on social and economic topics.

Science communication

I am the Coordinating Editor of the blog of the Swiss Society for the Middle East and Islamic Cultures (SGMOIK), which highlights the diversity of academic work in Switzerland on the region of the Middle East by providing mentoring in science communication for researchers: 

Social enterprise

Since 2015, I have been running the project "Salt 4 Sewing" in Sana'a, Yemen, together with local partners. The project offers basic handicraft classes to women to empower them to eventually build small businesses of their own.


The podcast “Auf der anderen Seite des Tisches"


This Panel was Rock n' Roll!

Why is motherhood still a game changer in the career of a woman? And what's to be done so that women aren't caught in the descision anylonge either to have kids or a career?

This we discussed at the event hosted by the organisation Advance - Gender Equality in Business and the magazine annabelle.

And - the panelists rocked!

I do it my way - or: Diversity and Inclusion in negotiations

Diversity & Inclusion - or better: Diversity & Belonging - have become a key-strategy in corporate business, politics and media - and is equally important within the context of negotiations. This I discussed at the Women’s Workshop “I Do It My Way” with Sunita Sehmi (r.) organisational consultant and executive leadership coach, Friederike Hoffmann, PhD, head of connected business solutions at Swisscom and Matthias Schranner, global negotiation expert and founder of the Schranner Negotiation Institute, that hosted the workshop.

How to talk about a difficult topic?

It takes pragmatism and humor - and panelists who offer both. Such panelists I was lucky to have in the #annatalk  about skin side effects during cancer therapies.

Report in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

My in-depth report about maternal health in Dar es Salaam in August 2022. The report is about the new maternal wing of the CCBRT Hospital and the art of capacity building. 

It will be published soon. Stay tuned!



    Nominated for the Zurich Journalism Award with the reportage «Der Fall Yasemin»


    Nominated for the German alternative media award with the documentary blog "Window Talks": 


    «Reporter of the Year 2019»


    Nominated for the Zurich Journalism Award with the reportage «Gefährliche Singles».


    Shortlisted for the real21 media prize with the reportage «Gefährliche Singles».


    Nominated for the Zurich Journalism Award with the reportage «Gefangen von Guantanamo».