"The silence of the world kills us more than the missiles"

Written by Helene Aecherli on Tuesday, 05 May 2015. Posted in Jemen

Stop Bombing Yemen!

Yesterday night one of my best friends in Sanaa sent me an email that lists the disastrous consequences of the Saudi bombing of Yemen. He asked me to send his list to as many media outlets as possible. He wrote to me: "You should know one thing: We are not afraid of being killed by the attacks. We are afraid of hunger and losing dignity. And in the end the silence of the world kills us more than the missiles of the coward powers."

Here is his list:

Types of war against Yemen:

1- Making all the foreigner qualified doctors and nurses who were helping the admitted normal patients in hospitals evacuate themselves from Yemen.

2- Preventing all international media representatives to come to Yemen to report to their channels, papers etc.. 

3- Attacking massively the air and sea ports and closed the 5 land ports except one between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

4- Preventing medicine, food items, milk for children, fuel and other basic needs items to reach the people in Yemen who are in bad need for such items to survive.

5- Attacking goods trucks that between the cities which made the rest of trucks owners and drivers stop their vans to avoid being killed.

6- Attacking the electricity network which is the main nerve of life for the people anywhere. 

7- Attacking bridges, roads, schools, universities, institutes,sport stadiums  and food factories

8- Using privative/prohibited weapons which affect civilians, and properties up to a distance of 4 kilometers.

9- Preventing Yemenis abroad from returning to Yemen, even those who who went abroad for medical purposes.

Types of sufferings for humans:

1- Hospitals are not able to meet the necessary needs of the patients. Many patients die because of the shortcomings of staff and medical services

2- Related to above point, (CCU, ICU, especial units like cardiac and kidney treatments, premature units, etc) these sections don’t work due to the unavailability of fuel and electricity. 

3- The price of medical stuff and food has increased by 5 times, the garbage is all over the streets in all the cities especially Sana’a which will cause an environmental disaster.

4- It is difficult to find water due to the lack of electricity and fuel to pump from the wells. Also the price of water has increased by 5 times.

5- There are no neutral witnesses from the international media to document, record and report the facts and realities of the suffering of the Yemeni people that results from the Saudi attacks.

6- All the private cars and Taxis are parking for the last 3 weeks in the petrol stations. Public transportation has broken down, people have to get to their jobs and markets on foot. 

7- In addition to the shortage of food items, there are no gas and basic living needs available in houses

8- Telecommunication services, coverage, are close to be stopped due to the lack of power for antennas and the internet, landlines will be stopped soon. Some radios and TV channels have already been closed.

9- Companies, factories, workshops, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants and banks have reduced working hours. The majority closed down and sent their staff on unpaid leave.            

10- More than 20’000 Yemenis are stuck in the airports of different countries and cannot come back, most of them are abroad for medical reasons and some of them are dying. Most of them are run out of money. It is not possible to transfer money from Yemen to them anymore.

11- More than 500’000 fled Yemen, most of them in unsafe boats across the sea. Over one million moved from cities to villages which also causes other social and living problems.


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