Hind Aleryani

Hind Aleryani

Hind Aleryiani is a Yemeni blogger and activist living in Beirut. Hardly anybody uses social media as effectively as she does. Her writings have made her well known far beyond the Lebanese and Yemeni audience. One of her main concerns is the fight against qat, a drug-like leaf that is chewed by a high percentage of Yemenis. She sees the dependance on qat as one of the main reasons for her country's poverty and economic inefficieny. However, Hind Aleryiani also often courageously addresses gender issues as well as religious and political dogmas. "She is brilliant", said a male Yemeni friend of mine. "Women like her will help to change the face of Yemen."  

More deal than partnership

Written by Hind Aleryani on Thursday, 29 August 2013. Posted in Jemen


Throughout my life, I have heard many stories about women who were married at the age of 15 or who were forcefully married. One of my school friends even married someone she had never met and was only allowed to see one black-and-white picture of him (I still don’t know to this day why there were no colors in that picture).

These stories are by no means strange to me as a woman, but I never knew what the other party, i.e. men, thought.