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"When the sun rises, my thoughts rise, too"

Written by Helene Aecherli on Wednesday, 14 February 2018. Posted in Oman

Poetry from Oman

Poetry has become a rare literary art. But sometimes you discover strings of pearls - words and phrases that touch your heart. Omani writer Lubna Al Balushi is passionate about creating gem after gem. She composes her poems in Arabic, English, Balochi - and in German. That bouquet of languages, her fine sense of rhythm and the fearlessness with which she expresses her emotions make her one of the most exceptional Omani artists of her time.

Photo: Helene Aecherli 

Smile of Destiny

Written by Lubna Al Balushi on Sunday, 31 August 2014. Posted in Oman

Poetry from Oman


When you smile from your heart,

Your destiny smiles for you

Like my destiny smiles only for me!

Why my destiny can’t smile for both of us?!