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Für Frauen im Jemen gilt: Jetzt oder nie

Written by Helene Aecherli on Wednesday, 08 August 2012. Posted in Jemen

Die Jemenitinnen haben sich aufgemacht, das Gesicht ihres Landes nachhaltig zu verändern.  Sie prangern gesellschaftliche Tabus an und fordern politisches Mitspracherecht. Doch ob sich ihr Engagement in politische Mitsprache ummünzen lässt, bleibt ungewiss.

Looking beyond the veils of terror

Written by Helene Aecherli on Thursday, 03 May 2012. Posted in Jemen

Visiting Yemen these days takes courage - and the will to see beyond the headlines. But doing so, there are treasures to be found: People passionately struggling for a new civil society.

To be frank: For my nerves and above all for those of my family and friends it would have been much better if I had fallen in love with another country than Yemen. With Malaysia, perhaps, with Egypt or at least with Oman. “But why Yemen, for God’s sake?”, have I been asked innumerable times. And when I revealed a couple of weeks ago, that I would travel to Sana’a again, the tone of the question became almost desperate.